Former U-Kiss Member Dongho Announces Divorce With Wife Of 3 Years

His wife’s troubling posts came to light.

Former U-Kiss member Dongho announced that he recently submitted divorce papers in preparation for a divorce from his wife of three years.


After leaving U-Kiss in 2013, Dongho tied the knot with his wife in November 2015, making him the youngest idol to be married.


Shortly after, he surprised fans with a photo of his newborn baby, Asher, who was born on June 29, 2016.


Now, two years later, he is filing for a divorce and is currently living apart from his wife and son. Dongho has been going back and forth from Korea to Japan working as a DJ and running his own business.


The news came as a surprise as Dongho appeared on Superman Returns with his wife and son just last year, where they seemed to be one happy family.


Dongho’s father, Shin Sung Cheol, revealed that their separation was a result of a difference in personality.

“It happened because they had different personalities and just weren’t a good match for each other. I’m not happy about it but what can you do…It’s too bad but I think there may be more changes (to get back together) in the future.”

— Dongho’s Father


Moreover, he revealed that Asher will be living with his mother as it was deemed the best for the child.

“Because they have a child, they didn’t break up on bad terms. Even recently, we wanted to see our grandchild so we watched him for awhile.

In terms of raising the child, both parents must take responsibility. We thought it would be best if the mother raises the child so that’s what we’ve decided on.”

 Dongho’s Father


Dongho has also since shared a Facebook post containing his statement in regard to the news of his divorce:

안녕하세요.오늘기사로 많은분들께 걱정끼쳐드려 죄송합니다.아들과 애기엄마를 위해서 조용하게 넘어가려고 노력했는데 결국 기사가 나오고 말았네요.길게 드릴말씀은 아니지만, 성격차로 이혼을 결정하게 되었고, 합의이혼의…

Posted by Shin Justin on Thursday, September 20, 2018


I apologize for worrying many people with today’s news. I was planning to keep our decision quiet for the sake of my son and his mother but news eventually broke out.

Although I do not have much to explain, we have made the decision to go through with the divorce due to a difference in personality and all the necessary paperwork has already been processed.

The decision was made after much discussion and contemplation and we did not break up on bad terms so we will do our best to take responsibility as the parents of a child despite the fact that our marriage has come to an end.

Finally, although I am already very much exposed to the media, I humbly ask that everyone could help my son grow without getting anymore hurt.
Thank you.”

— Dongho


After news of their separation broke, past instagram posts by Dongho’s wife surfaced where she seemingly hinted at the trouble in their marriage. In multiple posts, her captions referred to how she was struggling to raise a child alone and how her son was the main reason that she continues to get up everyday.

“It’s so hard because of you, but I gain strength because of you. #RaisingChildAlone”

— Asher’s Mom

“My son is the best. It’s really difficult for a mom to raise her child alone.”

— Asher’s Mom

“Living becomes harder everyday but I make reasons to live on. I’m trying my best to not lose to reality, and my mom and Asher told me that they’re my hope. I’m going to rise up one more time ❤ I promise I’ll always protect you.”

— Asher’s Mom


Many netizens became concerned after many realized how Dongho was absent in many of Asher and his mom’s special dates. Asher’s mom celebrated her son’s 2nd birthday alone, until she had to recruit her friends to assist her. She also referred in one of her deleted posts, “My son met his father for the first time in a month.

“My Asher finally turned two~~ Congratulations, my Asher(2)!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to create a wonderful memory for Asher, so I walked around Coex for 3 hours while carrying him alone. I thought I was going to die, but I was able to have a good birthday party after recruiting some of my friends😉”

— Asher’s Mom

Source: YTN, Star MK and Star Today