“Don’t Believe A 10 Second Video” — GOT7’s BamBam Responds To Recent Hate Over His Comments About NewJeans’ Haerin

This is the first time he’s spoken publicly about what happened.

In early April, GOT7‘s BamBam received criticism for his comments about NewJeans‘ Haerin during an episode of his Bam House drinking program. During the show, he and YouTuber Poongja discussed who he is a fan of these days.

He mentions that he is a fan of aespa‘s Winter and Haerin, saying that their songs feel healing. He also says that he seems to like women with short hair.

Later on in the video, around 12:30, Poongja asks BamBam to choose between Transit Love 2 star Nayeon or Haerin. He chooses Haerin, but then seems to second-guess himself as he brings up her young age (16 at this time), and that it’s “risky” to mention liking her as a fan.

This exchange triggered a massive influx of criticism towards BamBam as fans insisted what was spread on social media was taken out of context. Ultimately, ABYSS Company, BamBam’s label, issued a statement, saying they would take legal actions against “malicious commenters.”

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BamBam did not directly respond to the criticism at the time but seems to have recently addressed it during a live stream.

On May 5, BamBam’s birthday, the artist decided to celebrate the last hour of the day with fans, going live on Weverse to celebrate.

During a portion of the live stream, BamBam seems to bring up the topic, saying that he was scared of situations like what happened to happen. He mentions that he explained what he meant later in the video but that it was cut out of the clips that went viral online.


I try to ignore a lot of stuff, but I’m stressed a lot. You guess probably know what happened not too long ago, but they don’t say what I mean. The reason I’m saying is because that I’m scared all these situations gunna happen, so you know, I’m explain everything later. But people just freaking cut everything off and act like I’m a bad guy.

He continues by saying that people just believed what was online and asked that he be allowed to live and work. BamBam also shares that he tries to be the best he can be and sometimes considers giving up.

But nowadays people just believe all the internet stuff, I appreciate all the people still with me and trust my heart and everything. I never try to be a bad person. I never have bad thoughts or anything. I trying to be the best I can be, but when I try my best and this is the result, I’m tired and stressed out and I wanna give up sometimes, not gonna lie. You know, just let me live, let me work, everything I need is love. If you’re not going to support, just back off and let me do my thing.

BamBam says that “people do believe haters these days,” so it was hard for him not to care about what was being said online about him. He says that fans do know what kind of person he is and asks that people “don’t believe a ten-second video.

You know, this been bothering me every day since like three weeks ago. You know yall tell me not to care about the haters but people do believe the haters these days. So how do I not care. I saw a lot of people after all that stuff saying ‘After all that stuff I cannot look at BamBam as the same person anymore.’ […] You guys know what kind of person I am, don’t believe a ten second video.

You can check out his recent response below.



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