Don’t Worry ARMY, BTS’s “FAKE LOVE” Will Also Be Played at FIFA World Cup 2018

Now we get to hear two amazing K-Pop songs!

ARMYs and EXO-Ls have been battling each other over the honor of having their bias group’s song played during the FIFA World Cup.

On July 4, the FIFA World Cup gave netizens the opportunity to choose between 4 songs to be played at the World Cup stadium. Netizens could choose between BTS‘s “FAKE LOVE”, EXO’s “Power”, J Balvin‘s “Mi Gente”, and Zedd (feat. Marren Morris and Grey) “The Middle”.


The poll quickly became a worldwide trend with BTS and EXO taking the lead and staying there.


Over 3 million votes were cast over a 24 hour period and the results were announced earlier today with EXO slightly beating out BTS.

EXO’s “Power” Just Barely Beat Out BTS’s “Fake Love” To Be Played At FIFA World Cup 2018


Although ARMYs were obviously sad that BTS’s song wouldn’t be played, many of them were very happy for EXO and were glad that a K-Pop song was going to be played during the game.


ARMYs may have already made peace with the decision, but shortly after the official results were posted a different announcement was made. Thanks to a separate poll on Instagram,  it was determined that”FAKE LOVE” will also be played at the World Cup!


ARMYs were obviously very excited to hear the news and took to Twitter to express their joy.


And really who wouldn’t be? Now the whole world gets to hear two amazing K-Pop songs by two extremely talented groups!


A big congratulations to both groups and their fans!