EXO’s “Power” Just Barely Beat Out BTS’s “Fake Love” To Be Played At FIFA World Cup 2018

The competition was fierce, but EXO prevailed.

The votes are in; EXO‘s “Power” will be playing in the FIFA World Cup stadium.


On July 4, the FIFA World Cup gave netizens the opportunity to choose between 4 songs to be played at the World Cup stadium. These songs were BTS‘s “Fake Love”, EXO’s “Power”, J Balvin‘s “Mi Gente”, and Zedd (feat. Marren Morris and Grey) “The Middle”.


As soon as the voting began, it became clear that either BTS or EXO would be named the winner. These two groups raced neck in neck while leaving the other 2 competitors in the dust.


BTS and EXO are both supported by extremely loyal, active fanbases, who voted non-stopped for their favourite idols.


In the end though, EXO won this battle of the bands. Soon, both FIFA watchers and players will be introduced to this killer boy group through “Power”.


This isn’t the first time EXO has taken over an international sporting event. EXO performed live during the 2018 Olympics’ closing ceremony.


Their performance blew viewers away, so they come highly recommended!


Although there has been some bad blood between the EXO and BTS fandoms, many ARMYs are congratulating EXO-Ls on their hard-won victory.


Congrats, EXO!


To hear “Power”, check out the music video here.