[★TRENDING] DoYouWantKorea Trends Worldwide As Brazil Reacts To Racism Against KARD

A new hashtag called “#DoYouWantKorea” is trending worldwide.

It began trending after a Brazilian host used racially insensitive gestures and terms to refer to KARD during an interview.

Brazilian Host Berates KARD With Racial Slurs On Live TV

Korean netizens reacted to the news by calling out Brazilians in general for the host’s remarks.

The controversy was first sparked by comments on the popular Korean site Nate and translated the top comments into English by fans.

Korean netizens deemed the entire country as “xenophobic” and “racist”.

Brazilian’s started the #DoYouWantKorea hashtag to discuss the issue, as one user explained.

Outraged, Brazilians are citing past incidents of xenophobia and racism in the Korean community as a call out to these comments.

They agreed the host was wrong and that his comments were racist, but added that he does not represent the entire nation.

Some commenters added to the original forum in an attempt to explain the situation.

They’re calling for no more dangerous sweeping generalizations that they feel are not okay from a singular event.

Especially given Korean media’s portrayal of blackface characters and racially charged history on screen.

SBS Airs Offensive Comedy Sketch Featuring a Character in Blackface

Overall, the tag is a conversation by both parties who feel sweeping generalizations are damaging.

Image: OneHallyu

This, however, does not reflect a serious and informed conversation about race in media.

Image: OneHallyu

Source: Nate



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