“D.P.” Actor Cho Hyun Chul Revealed To Be The Younger Brother Of A Famous Rapper

Wow, they really resemble one another!

Netflix‘s D.P. has only just released, but it is already starting to become one of the most talked about series of 2021. The show, which is based on the webtoon D.P Dog’s Day, tells the story of a Korean military police that makes it their mission to catch any military deserters. As the military-based show continues to make headlines for its gritty plot, one of the actors of the series has started to make headlines for something a little different.

Poster for “D.P.” | Netflix

Meet actor Cho Hyun Chul, who plays private Cho Suk Bong in the series. He debuted as an actor back in 2006 and has been in a multitude of productions, such as Memories of the AlhambraHotel Del LunaArchitecture 101Tunnel, and more. While he boasts an impressive resume of work, the actor is just starting to experience popularity due to his portrayal of private Cho Suk Bong in D.P. And with his newfound popularity, the actor is starting to make headlines for having a famous brother.

Actor Cho Hyun Chul in “D.P.”

Who is his brother you may ask? It’s been belatedly revealed that Cho Hyun Chul’s older brother is rapper Mad Clown!

Mad Clown | Starship Entertainment

Mad Clown (birth name Cho Dong Rim) is a rapper who was previously signed under Starship Entertainment. He became known for his collaborations with SISTAR‘s Soyu and Hyolyn, as well as MONSTA X‘s Joohoney. He further cemented his rapping legacy by participating in Show Me The Money 7 as MOMMY SON, who became famous for his pink ski mask appearance.

Mad Clown as Mommy Son on “Show Me The Money 7” | Mnet

The two brothers definitely share a noticeable resemblance so it’s no wonder that netizens put two and two together. What a talented family!

Mad Clown (left), Cho Hyun Chul (right.)

All 6 episodes of D.P. have recently been released so be sure to check it out on Netflix.

Source: WikiTree