DPR IAN Updates Fans After Concerning Live Broadcast

A few days ago, he appeared to have a manic episode on Instagram Live.

DPR IAN has updated fans after a concerning live broadcast.

DPR IAN | @DPRIAN_/Twitter

DPR IAN (also known as Christian Yu) is a Korean Australian singer, rapper, director, and editor. He is the director and editor-chief of co-founded collective DPR (Dream Perfect Regime).

Currently, DPR IAN and DPR LIVE are on their 2022 Regime World Tour. At the recent concert in Paris, DPR IAN opened up about his struggles.

On October 29, DPR IAN held a live broadcast via Instagram. DREAMERs (DPR fans) expressed concern for him as he appeared to be having a manic episode, and they made every effort to ensure that video clips didn’t circulate from it.


he was saying even last time he was live how tired he was during this tour. i feel like they should either postpone the rest so they can all have a rest or cancel it all together. #sunwoosberrys #christianyu #dprian

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Shortly after, one of his friends updated that DPR IAN was doing okay.

Now, DPR IAN has updated DREAMERs during the recent concert in Paris. He confessed that he was going through a difficult time.

As many of you have probably found out a few days ago… So, I am having a difficult time sometimes dealing with myself. But I always say, ‘Grab the bulls by the horns,’ so charge.


DPR’s concert in Paris | @Jongiiie03/Twitter

Still, he perserveres. DPR IAN also expressed his appreciation to his fans.

However, I’m real too… So, and we all are here together. This is what it looks like, ladies and gentlemen. This is what it feels to be real. I think we need to feel a little bit more at times like this … I really do wish I could speak this in French a little bit fluently, but… I just want to say thank you so much for showing me the way, showing me the spotlight always.


Previously, DPR IAN opened up about living with Bipolar 1 Disorder. Read more below.

DPR IAN Gets Candid About Living With Bipolar 1 Disorder And How It Affects His Music

Source: https://twitter.com/_tassia_a/status/1588280965851643905?s=20&t=dmzT3mKF1bSlzqsXeVNApA

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