DPR LIVE Fans Find Fault With Rumored Group Name For “R U Next?”

Some even want him to sue.

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BELIFT Lab (HYBE) and JTBC‘s ongoing survival show R U Next? is nearing the end.

While the debuting group’s name has not been confirmed, several rumored group names have circulated on social media. HYBE has begun trademarking names believed to be for upcoming survival shows.

Netizens suspected that R U Next?‘s debut group name would have a question mark based on HYBE’s previous survival shows.

Yet, the upcoming group’s name appears to be CTYL. (Coming To You Live.). Social media accounts with this name have been created.

Additionally, a trademark has been applied. One netizen also pointed out that “CTYL Inc.” is located at BELIFT Lab’s location.

It might not have a question mark in its name, but it does have a period. So, it seems very probable this could be the upcoming girl group’s name.

Still, R U Next? viewers are disappointed over the possible group name, especially after previous rumors. Many hoped for RUBYMOON.

Netizens also pointed out that CTYL and “Coming To You Live” are already associated with another K-music artist, DPR LIVE.


Coming To You Live is the title of DPR LIVE’s debut album. “CTYL” is the name of his 2018 tour. Additionally, a man’s voice announcing “Coming to you live!” over an intercom is DPR LIVE’s iconic producer tag.

Many found it problematic that something already so heavily associated with another artist would be taken and used for a new group. Some suggested DPR LIVE should sue.

But others have said that despite DPR LIVE’s usage of this phrase, it does not appear trademarked. “Coming to you live” is a tag, not a name or brand. So, it wouldn’t be trademarked already.

What do you think about the rumored group names?

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