5 “R U Next?” Fan Favorites Whose Eliminations Left Fans Heartbroken

Did your favorites make the line-up?

R U Next?  recently wrapped up its series finale, announcing the winning trainees as members of the soon-to-debut group I’LL-IT. While the results overjoyed many fans, many were heartbroken to see some of their favorites not debut.

Here are five trainees from the past season who fans hope will see debut soon!

1. Chanelle

From the show’s start, Chanelle was among the most popular trainees globally, often ranking high in that vote category. 


With her proven pre-trainee experience and outstanding vocal skills, fans assumed she was almost guaranteed to make the final line-up. Many were shocked when she missed the show’s finale by one place.

2. Ruka

Ruka first gained attention after it was revealed that she was the trainee eliminated from LE SSERAFIM’s pre-debut line-up. Many hoped the experienced trainee would get her second chance in this group.


Though she was eliminated from the program a few episodes before the finale, her absence has been noticed.

3. Jeongeun

Jeongeun impressed many with her ability to perform any concept throughout the show’s challenges.

Due to the suddenly announced change in how the line-up would be selected — two members chosen by votes, four chosen by the agency — Jeongeun did not make the final line-up even though she ranked 6th.

4. Jeemin

It seemed like Jeemin would be another sure admission to I’LL-IT as the judges consistently complimented her performances during the season.


Another victim of the announced line-up selection process, Jeemin ranked 4th but was not picked by the agency for debut.

5. Jiwoo

As the oldest contestant, Jiwoo stood out from the show’s start and impressed many viewers with her strong vocal skills.


Many fans feared Jiwoo being targeted for elimination before the finale, citing her low judges’ scores and the apparent lack of screen time. These fears were confirmed when she was not announced for the final line-up, surprising many fans of the trainee.

R U Next?

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