The “R U Next?” Contestant Who Missed Out On Debuting In LE SSERAFIM — Here’s How It Impacted Her

Netizens compared her experience to another HYBE idol!

When LE SSERAFIM debuted in 2022, they quickly became one of the hottest girl groups in the industry.

The members of LE SSERAFIM | @le_sserafim/Twitter

Yet, despite many of the members’ previous experiences, it wasn’t an easy path for the idols, and it was shown through a documentary. In particular, along with the members’ experience, the documentary showed a mystery trainee dancing with them.


The trainee was quickly identified as Haruka, who was chosen as a member of the debut team for LE SSERAFIM.


Despite her obvious talent, the documentary showed Hakura upset and after comments from the CEO of source music about changing members, it was assumed that the staff had informed Hakura that she would not be debuting with the group.

| HYBE LABELS/YouTube   

For anyone, it would be a traumatic experience.

Yet, it seems like Haruka didn’t give up and is ready to fight for a chance to debut. It was recently announced that HYBE and JTBC‘s newest show would be aired to find members for BE:LIFT LAB‘s newest girl group through R U Next?

The poster for “R U Next?” | Weverse

In the images, Haruka has changed her name and now goes under the stage name “Ruka” but her charm and visuals were unmissable.

Ruka’s new profile | HYBE

Along with the image profiles, each contestant released a video talking about themselves. Surprisingly, Ruka directly addressed her time with LE SSERAFIM and how just missing out on debuting with the group impacted her future.

I was training to debut with LE SSERAFIM and when I left, I wondered a lot if being an idol was right for me.

— Ruka


Yet, it seems like rather than bitter or jealous, Ruka has made her even more determined as she explained, “Now I want to meet them once I debut.”


Netizens shared their sympathy for the young trainee when the video was posted online. After spending so long training to debut, Ruka now has to go through the entire survival show process to stand a chance at finally getting to debut.

Many even pointed to the similarities with ENHYPEN‘s Heeseung.

ENHYPEN’s Heeseung

The idol initially trained alongside TXT and was thought to debut with them until he was cut and eventually debuted with ENHYPEN after going through the survival show I-Land.

For many netizens, Ruka is already a firm favorite as they hope she will finally get a chance to debut after all of her hard work.

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