D.R. Music Reveals Rania Has Only One Member Left, Announces Plans For The Group

One member wrote a handwritten letter.

On June 26, D.R. Music announced that Rania member Hyemi is officially the only member left in the group.

They further revealed that they will rebrand the group by adding more members. They will, however, keep the name “Rania”.

Hyemi wrote a handwritten letter to fans expressing her gratitude for the support she received since her debut in 2015.


Hello, I’m Rania’s Hyemi.

It’s already been almost five years since my debut in 2015. I was so tired and exhausted because I felt like I had only disappointed fans due to the frequent member changes and the many problems we encountered…

But I was more attached than anyone else to Rania, and I was able to do well because of my friends and the company that supported and trusted me.

I’m currently the only member left in Rania. I felt it would be strange to release an album using the name ‘Rania’ with new members, so I’m going to start afresh with new members! Fans who have been waiting for and loving Rania until now! We’ll be back very soon with the new name ‘B.S.’

Thank you so much for your support.

– Hyemi

Rania debuted in 2011 under D.R. Music and has undergone numerous member changes throughout the years.

Source: Rania Official