Drama “Private Lives” Starring Seohyun And Go Kyung Pyo Releases Character Profiles And Relationship Chart

October can’t come fast enough.

The drama Private Lives is gaining traction with the impressive chemistry between its two leads, Seohyun of Girls’ Generation and actor Go Kyung Pyo. Called the Pangyo couple, the two have been teasing the show for weeks.

JTBC has just released character profiles and relationship charts for the show, two weeks prior to broadcast.

Seohyun plays Cha Ju Eun, a low stakes swindler that does it as a lifestyle and as a way to survive. She already has received a proposal from her boyfriend, Lee Jung Hwan. However, she has a back story that causes her to be enemies with another swindler, Jung Bok Ki. Seohyun is surrounded by other minor swindlers that play the role of her family, including her “dad” Cha Hyun Tae, played by Park Sung Geun, and her “mother” Kim Mi Sook (Song Sun Mi). Han Son (Tae Won Suk) acts as her swindler coach and Jang Min Jung (Jang Jin Hee) is her best friend from the same jail.

Lee Jung Hwan, Ju Eun’s fiance, is played by Go Kyung Pyo. He is a character shrouded in mystery. He works at GK Technology and is the team leader. However, the team he works in is filled with even more mysterious people, including a genius hacker and a spy.

Kim Jae Wook (Kim Young Min) was a former employee of GK Technology, and is now in a swindling partnership with Jung Bok Ki (Kim Hyo Jin). Bok Ki is a former news announcer and now heads a swindling corporation that often targets other swindlers and plays high stakes.
Private Lives is set to make its first broadcast on the 7th of October at 9.30pm KST. Check out the trailer below.
Source: Star Today