Drama Director Thought Ji Chang Wook And Kim Ji Won Were Dating — Here’s Why

They worked together on the Kakao TV drama, “Lovestruck in the City.”

At a recent press conference for Kakao TV‘s new drama, Lovestruck in the City, director Park Shin Woo talked about the chemistry between his two leads.

| Kakao TV

The two leads of the drama are none other than Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won.

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And Director Park shared that they’re close beyond words.

They’re very close, and they get along very well. There’s no need for words.

— Director Park

But Director Park added that he was first worried when he knew they’d be working together.

At first, they looked a little too similar as if they’re brother and sister. So I was worried at first.

— Director Park

And that worry turned into a complete opposite worry once he saw them together on set.

When I saw them together, I was worried they were dating.

— Director Park

Director Park stressed that despite how close they are in real life, they were professionals when the cameras were rolling.

They’re both professionals, so regardless of how close they are, they battled it out in front of the camera. Their chemistry is amazing both as people and actors. I’m benefiting as a result.

— Director Park

Kakao TV’s Lovestruck in the City premiered today in Korea time.

Source: Insight