Dreamcatcher’s Crowdfunding For Their Photobook Exceeds Over 300% Of Its Goal

Insomnias are 300% supportive of the girls!

Dreamcatcher recently opened a crowdfunding account for fans to become a producer for their tour photobook, and their fans responded in a massive flood of financial support!


Within just 30 minutes, they reached their goal of 100%. And as of now, it’s exceeded over 325% of its goal with still nearly a month left in fund collections!


This isn’t the first time Insomnias (their fandom) responded with so much love. Their photobook last year collected over $111,000 USD, closing at 555% of their goal of $20,000!


The crowdfunding for their 2019 tour photobook will close on December 8 at 6pm KST. The “producers” of their photobook will receive a copy of the book and an array of other exclusive goods, such as photocards, calendar, stickers, keychains and more!


Insomnias are still funding as of right now and it appears Dreamcatchers are well on their way to reaching a new record in the crowdfunding!

Source: My Music Taste