Dreamcatcher Snag Their First Ever Music Show Win With “MAISON”

Congratulations to Dreamcatcher!

Dreamcatcher have claimed their first ever music show win on MBC M Show Champion.

On the April 20 broadcast of Show Champion, Dreamcatcher were nominated for the first place trophy alongside BIGBANG, DKZ, IVE, and SHINee‘s Onew. Dreamcatcher were able to claim the first place trophy amongst the strong contenders, and this meant they were able to claim their first ever music show trophy, six years after their debut.

Dreamcatcher scored a total of 6545 points, 573 more than the second place IVE.

In addition, with their win, Dreamcatcher became the girl group with the longest time between debut and their first music show win, claiming their first trophy 1,923 days after their debut. The previous record was held by CLC, who took 1,427 days before winning #1 with “No”.

Naturally, the members were overwhelmed with emotion after working tirelessly for six years, finally being able to hold a music show trophy in their own hands.

InSomnia around the world are celebrating the group’s win with the group.

South Korea also took notice, with the top three trending keywords on Twitter all relating to Dreamcatcher.

Congratulations again to Dreamcatcher!