Stray Kids Make An Unexpected Cameo In Dreamcatcher’s Vlog

Fans are true detectives!

Dreamcatcher were recently promoting their powerful comeback “VISION” while Stray Kids were promoting their upbeat comeback “CASE 143,” so the two group’s schedules overlapped. But even though the schedules of fans’ favorite artists can often overlap, it is still rare for fans to get an interaction unless it’s through a TikTok collaboration. So fans were entirely caught off guard when Stray Kids made an unexpected cameo in Dreamcatcher’s recent behind-the-scenes vlog.

Dreamcatcher | @M2MPD/Twitter

Although Dreamcatcher mostly kept to themselves during the vlog, showing how they spend time waiting to perform on weekly music shows, they brought coffee to soloists Eunbi and Lee Chaeyeon, having a sweet interaction before going to get their own food.

Eunbi and Lee Chaeyeon with Dreamcatcher | Dreamcatcher official/YouTube 

But then the group unintentionally featured Stray Kids in their vlog when showing their behind-the-scenes of SBS‘s Inkigayo. During the vlog, Dreamcatcher goes to get food at Inkigayo‘s famous cafeteria.

Yoohyeon and Handong | Dreamcatcher official/YouTube 

The members excitedly show off the food they got while eating together.

| Dreamcatcher official/YouTube 

And at first glance, fans didn’t notice that two Stray Kids members appeared in the background, seemingly purchasing their own food.

(Left to right) Gahyeon, Siyeon, and Dami | Dreamcatcher official/YouTube 

Fans were shocked when they noticed.

And detective fans quickly inferred that it was Changbin and Han in the video.

Changbin wearing the same clothes as in the video | @hourlybinsung/Twitter
Han wearing the same clothes as in the video | @hourlybinsung/Twitter

And some fans even suspected that Bang Chan also made an appearance in the vlog.

Fans couldn’t be more excited about the unexpected interaction crumbs.

Especially since Bang Chan opened up in a live broadcast about Stray Kids and Dreamcatcher supporting each other during promotions.

Hopefully fans will be able to see more interactions between the two talented groups in the future.

Source: Dreamcatcher official
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