DRIPPIN Announces Official Fandom Name

DRIPPIN fans, you have an official name now!

DRIPPIN has announced their long-awaited fandom name!

| Woollim Entertainment

On April 18, DRIPPIN held a live broadcast to talk to their fans, where they revealed the group’s official fandom name is now “DREAMIN'”!

They soon posted a tweet on their official Twitter account, where they shared how happy they were, and explained what “DREAMIN” means!

DRIPPIN has got an official fandom name now!

To DREAMIN, who are precious to DRIPPIN!

Let’s dream happily together in the future and make beautiful memories together.

DREAMIN, we love you.

DREAMIN: dreaming together and making their dreams come true.


DRIPPIN debuted on October 28, 2020, under Woollim Entertainment, with the mini-album Boyager and title track “Nostalgia.”

Their most recent comeback is with the mini-album A Better Tomorrow, with the title track “Young Blood”.

Watch the MV for it here!