DSP Media’s New Boy Group MIRAE Has Finally Been Announced

The pre-debut group DSP N is finally debuting!

Fans of the pre-debut group DSP N, rejoice! DSP Media has just announced their upcoming boy group MIRAE (Future Boys)!

Today they released the official logo for the group, which incorporates the Korean letters of their full group name 미래소년 (Mirae Sonyeon), which means “Future Boys”.

| MIRAE/YouTube

The name of the group was inspired by their goals of pursuing a new future of K-pop. It also refers to their plans on working together to move forward.

The group’s promotions have officially begun as their social media platforms have begun to pop up in place of DSP N’s accounts. The official seven-member lineup, including former X1 member Dongpyo, will be revealed starting on February 2.

Member Siyoung, who was born on May 6, 2003, has just been revealed today.

| @official_MIRAE/Twitter

Reportedly the group will soon begin V LIVE broadcasts as well as an 8 episode variety show sometime this month.

MIRAE is scheduled to debut in March!

Source: Sports Kyunghyang
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