Here’s The Dual Meaning Behind SinB, Eunha, And Umji’s New Group Name VIVIZ

Now to figure out a fandom name.

Three of GFRIEND’s members are reuniting under a new label and officially under a new name. SinBEunha, and Umji are working on re-debuting as the experienced rookie group VIVIZ.

VIVIZ | Big Planet Made Entertainment

This new group name was discovered by fans to be trademarked by the girls’ new agency, Big Planet Made Entertainment (also known as BPM), so many were curious about what it might mean, even creating their own theories.

VIVIZ | @bscenez/Instagram

During their first official interview as VIVIZ, the girls explained the significance behind the moniker. It, in part, comes from the trio’s names Eunbi (SinB’s real name), Eunbi (Eunha’s real name), and Umji.

Together, the endings of the girls’ names, Bi (비), Bi (비), and Ji (지), combine to make VIVIZ (비비지).

Eunha then tried her hand at explaining the second meaning of the group’s name. “There is a more beautiful meaning behind it,” she said but then clarified that she wasn’t sure yet what that was.

Luckily, in a separate interview, BPM Entertainment explained exactly what VIVIZ means. “VIVIZ is short for “VIVId dayZ” (vivid days).

VIVIZ | Big Planet Made Entertainment

Their agency then summarized the name’s dual meanings.

The new group name represents the members’ promise to always be true to their colors. It’s even more meaningful because it doubles as an abbreviation of their names—Eunbi, SinB, and Umji—too.

–– BPM Entertainment

Source: BPM Entertainment Statement