This Duo Took It Back To 2016 With Their Fits For BTS’s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” Concert

Their attention to detail is ✨immaculate✨ even down to the tea cup!

Thousands of ARMYs flocked to Los Angeles, California this week and last for BTS‘s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concerts at SoFi Stadium.

This being the first offline concert of theirs since the COVID-19 pandemic, ARMYs went the next level for their concert fits. We saw some dress up as ARMY Bombs, as Run BTS! Jungkook, “Taechwita” V and Suga, and even some who taped glow sticks to their bodies to get noticed by BTS!

| @ChiGal4Bangtan/Twitter

We loved seeing ARMYs get fun and creative for their concert fits, and it looks like the duo behind the “Taechwita” look went to PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE Day 2 dressed up as J-Hope and RM from BTS’s “House of Army” sketch from back in 2016!

| @honeyboyjimim/Twitter

The two ARMYs did such a good job, that we can hardly tell the difference between the two pictures wouldn’t you agree? 😂


We’re sure that if BTS saw them, they’d be love it just as much as we did! Make sure to check out more iconic moments from BTS’s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE tour down below.

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