10 Of The Funniest Signs From BTS’s “PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE” Concerts

You laugh, you lose!

In a crowd of thousands, how do you stand out? By being creative — and hilarious. Check out 10 of ARMY’s funniest signs from BTS‘s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LA concerts!


At Day 3 of the concert, a fan flirted with Bam’s dog-dad, Jungkook, by asking, “BAM NEED MOM?”

| @jvnggkuk/Twitter

We’re still waiting for his answer!

| @seokjintiddles/Twitter


…in all caps, obviously. The Vogue poster is the icing on the cake!


Daddy? Nope! We only know “Papi” Jin. He’s winning hearts in every language!

4. “Yoongi tongue technology”

Agust D stans, this one is for you! Suga sums up his rap skills in his song “Agust D” with these lyrics:  “I’m the crazy guy, the lunatic on beat / Sending listeners to Hong Kong with my rap / My tongue technology.”

5. JK, you make my heart go…

…BAM! Somebody give this fan a trophy for this punny sign. (And, while you’re at it, give Bam a treat for being such a good boy.)

| @tanniekosmossss/Twitter

6. The sign all ARMYs can hear…

…in Suga’s voice. “J-Hooooooope!” 

| @blusideseok/Twitter

7. Rap Monster’s blast from the past

Back in 2014, RM rapped freestyle at L.A.’s K-CON K-Pop convention. This ARMY hasn’t forgotten about Rap Monster’s kawaii from Hawaii rap!

| @flterkook/Twitter

8. Jin’s Worldwide Handsome face

P.S. Lesbians love V. (Who doesn’t?)

9. How to get rejected in three words or less.

10. “Cutie, sexy, lovely”

A fan created this sign with Jimin’s famous quote, plus a Santa hat to keep it festive.

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