Eagle-Eyed Fans Discover A Verified Private Account: Is Actor Park Bo Gum “Making The Move” Soon?

Is his “Twitter Only” era over?

Since 2010, actor Park Bo Gum has remained exclusive to Twitter.

Actor Park Bo Gum | @THEBLACKLABEL/Twitter

He even pinned a tweet, making it clear that he has no social media platforms other than his Twitter account @bogummy.

As of February 25 (KST), though, Park Bo Gum’s “Twitter Only” era might have come to an end.

Some eagle-eyed fans found a new Instagram account @bogummy! While the feed is a blank canvas, fans believe the blue badge verification makes it unofficially official that he’s “making the move” from Twitter to Instagram soon.

It is, at the moment, a private account. | @bogummy/Instagram

Could it be in relation with his recent switch in agencies? It’s possible.

Park Bo Gum Officially Joins THE BLACK LABEL

Some believe it’s the recent technical issues at Twitter that convinced the actor decide it’s time. Others believe it’s “probably business,” as Korean celebrities often post sponsored ads via Instagram accounts.

Regardless, Park Bo Gum fans are exhilarated for Park Bo Gum’s top-notch Instagram content to come!

| theqoo

  • “Oooh!”
  • “But Bo Gum sunbae, I thought we’re sticking to Twitter only. No?”
  • “What?! I’m f*cking excited.”
  • “This is all because of Elon Musk.”
  • “FINALLY!”
  • “Finally!!! T-T”
  • “You wait and you shall receive.”
  • “Finally! Welcome, welcome.”
  • “LET’S GOOOO!!!”
  • “Wow, he’s finally making the move.”
Source: theqoo