Eagle-Eyed Netizens Spot An Indication That NCT’s Lucas May Return Soon

He has been on hiatus since August 2021.

NCT member Lucas‘s hiatus from the group has been going on for over a year and a half after gaslighting accusations were made against him in August 2021.

NCT’s Lucas

Since then, he has made a few social media posts and recently appeared on NCT’s reality show Welcome to NCT Universe. Still, there has been no definitive statement on his future from SM Entertainment.

Lucas’s most recent update happened on April 11, when he shared an Instagram story showing him practicing a dance with someone. Many took this as a sign that he may be preparing to rejoin active promotions.

Recently, netizens were given another reason to believe he may return soon.

Last month, the newest NCT unit DoJaeJung made their debut with the title track “Perfume.” The trio has been making music show appearances and promoting the release in several ways, releasing all sorts of content.


My moods getting ready to socialise 🫠 #isfj #NCT_DOJAEJUNG #DOJAEJUNG #NCT #Perfume #DOJAEJUNG_Perfume

♬ original sound – ulikpinkman


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This includes behind-the-scenes clips, including the filming of their pre-release movie “Triangular Theory Of Love.” The members look gorgeous in the video, but one moment stood out to fans.

While filming outdoors, Jungwoo is shown standing at a bus stop. A zoomed-in clip of the stop’s seemingly random bus numbers is shown just before, which made fans curious about its meaning.

Clever fans quickly realized that the bus stop’s twenty-three numbers correlated to each NCT member’s birthday, including Lucas’s (1/25), in the order that they joined NCT officially.

As always, with potential news of Lucas’s return, fans’ reaction has been mixed, with some overjoyed they have been given another indication of his possible return.

Others have reacted harshly to the “easter egg,” expressing they would rather hear updates about the SM Rookies and where they will debut.

Only time will tell if this was another indication of Lucas’s return.


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