Fans React To NCT Lucas’ Unexpected Appearance In The Group’s Reality Show “welcome to NCT Universe”

Fans wonder what it means.

NCT‘s Lucas made an unexpected appearance in the group’s reality show welcome to NCT Universe, and it’s taking fans by surprise.

NCT’s Lucas | @lucas_xx444/Instagram

The show had its start in late 2022 with the purpose of introducing the SM Rookies, Shohei, Eunseok, and Seunghan into NCT, with members Sungchan and Shotaro acting as guides. Along the way, the rookies meet other members of NCT, as well as the more senior SM Entertainment idols such as EXO, SHINee, and Super Junior.

After a lengthy hiatus that is going on 2 years now, Lucas has yet to make his return to NCT and his subunit WayV. Recent events such as the new SuperM teaser have had netizens wondering if he’ll soon be active again, though the managing label has yet to confirm anything.

Many fans are eager for him to return, and his continued absence has been a source of disappointment. They have found encouragement, however, in the fact that last year, several members followed Lucas on Instagram, as did the official NCT account.

Now, fans’ hopes are being raised once again as Lucas makes his appearance in welcome to NCT Universe, albeit as a cameo. Episode 9 of the show saw the SM Rookies being shown all the members in their rookie years. To everyone’s surprise, the montage included all 7 WayV members.

Besides being shocked, this left fans feeling extremely excited…

In today’s “NCT Universe” [episode] they were showing all the rookies that there’s been and they put Lucas in there.

— Twitter user @jeeyongie

…though some weren’t without skepticism, despite wanting him to come back.

While Lucas’ appearance in NCT’s reality show is not a confirmation that he will be returning any time soon, it at least serves as a reminder that he’s still a member of NCT and WayV.


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