NCT’s Main Instagram Account Just Followed All Of WayV’s Members… Including Lucas

What could it mean?

NCT and WayV member Lucas has been on hiatus for nearly a year now. He’s been on a hiatus since August 25 of last year, when the idol was accused by alleged ex-girlfriends of gaslighting and infidelity.


He has been incredibly quiet since then, only occasionally making appearances on social media, such as when he posted this photo on Instagram on February 9 this year.


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There haven’t been any updates on whether he would rejoin NCT or WayV’s promotions, but recently, something on social media has fans hoping that maybe there’s a project in the works involving Lucas.


Most of NCT’s members have their own personal Instagram accounts, many of which the official NCT Instagram has been following for a time.

However, for some reason, they hadn’t been following the members of the Chinese sub-unit, WayV…. until now. Fans have been frustrated for a while because of the group’s lack of comebacks, and this only seemed to show SM Entertainment‘s continued ignorance of the group.

WayV | SM Entertainment

Recently, however, fans noticed that the official NCT Instagram account has followed all of the WayV members’ personal Instagram pages… including Lucas.

NCT’s official Instagram account following WayV’s members’ Instagram pages, including Lucas

It seems odd that they would just do this out of nowhere, and fans are speculating what it could mean if anything. Opinions are pretty mixed, and understandably so, given Lucas’s continued silence.

Lucas | SM Entertainment

Of course, we won’t actually know what SM Entertainment has planned until they make an official announcement. Until then, we can only keep an eye out for hints to their future endeavors!

Source: Reddit