WayV’s Lucas Caught Up In Gaslighting Dating Scandal

She accused him of gaslighting.

Both SM Entertainment and Lucas himself have issued statements regarding the matter.

Things got heated on Twitter on the night of August 23, 2021, as WayV‘s Lucas became the target of an alleged dating scandal.

The exposer, @ooooshiiim on Twitter, created a long thread that detailed her alleged relationship with Lucas.

I’m a fan that dated NCT and WayV’s Lucas, and I’m about to expose that he’s a Chinese man that is cheap. At first he expressed interest in me and got my number. We started dating like that but he asked to break up suddenly because he was having a hard time due to schedules. So we broke up without any negative feelings. But that’s where the problems all started.

— @ooooshiiim


The fan claimed that after they broke up, Lucas would still ask to see her. He allegedly would visit her on his rest days at hotels or her house and asked her to pay for everything. She claimed that while they were dating, he would ask her to pay for everything, including cigarettes. He allegedly claimed that he could not use his card because he didn’t want to get caught out as a celebrity.

Evidence in the form of alleged chat logs were provided. | @ooooshiiiim/Twitter

She also claimed she would give him luxury items while he would send pictures of hotels he wanted to visit, and he’d ask her to book them. She also claimed that he said not to buy him gifts unless they were cars or houses, even when he was starting to earn money as well.

He gaslit me by saying that there was no one else who was able to understand him… Everytime, he only came to the hotel, ate room service, slept, and left. The moment we checked out, he cut off contact and drew the line with me by saying it was uncomfortable. Without a single thanks, he acted as if it was a given that I should pay.

— @ooooshiiim

She included a voice message from him.

A previous version of this article included alleged proof from fans discrediting the authenticity of the voice note. The alleged proof has since been deleted by the original source and Lucas has issued a personal apology on the matter.


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