SM Entertainment Makes Official Statement On WayV Lucas’ Recent Scandal

“Lucas is deeply reflecting…”

WayV‘s Lucas had recently been swept up in a controversy where various alleged victims had accused him of gaslighting and cheating on them. Regarding the matter, SM Entertainment has released an official statement.

They have announced that the release of Lucas’ upcoming single with bandmate Hendery has been halted while Lucas is reflecting on his misdoings.

Hello. This is SM Entertainment. We apologize for worrying everyone with regards to the personal matter of our company’s artist, Lucas.

He has recognized the seriousness of the matter and decided to halt the release of all contents including the planned upcoming single, ‘Jalapeño’ as part of the WayV unit with Hendery, that was supposed to be launched at 6pm on August 25.

Lucas is deeply reflecting on having caused great hurt and disappointment through his own wrong actions and our company also takes responsibility for not having managed our artist better.

Once more, we apologize deeply for having concerned many people as well as the fans over Lucas’ personal matters.

— SM Entertainment

Lucas had been embroiled in a series of gaslighting and cheating accusations from fans that had claimed to have dated him. Read more about them below.

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Source: Newsen