A Third Alleged Victim Of WayV Lucas’ Gaslighting Scandal Has Spoken Up – Here’s The Full Translation

“I never thought he’d be with another girl that same night after returning to Seoul…”

Following the first and second alleged victims to speak out against WayV‘s Lucas, there has been one more alleged victim who has spoken out against him. This time, the alleged victim also claimed that Lucas cheated on her with other girls — presumably the other alleged victims.

I never thought there would be a day where I would tell the story between me and him in this way. I can guarantee that the following are all true. The purpose of this post is for everyone to see through his onscreen (fan-loving, kind) personality — he only sees his fans as his concubines. He gets in touch with girls privately and cheats, taking advantage of his fans’ love. He’s the first celebrity I liked. I used to be his fan. Before the accusation post surfaced yesterday, I was like a fool and thought that I was special and lucky to have known him in real life, even though he contacted me in secret. In my eyes, he was like the sunshine and had always been kind, optimistic, and positive. He was also my rock and motivation to work hard and become better. I believe a lot of fangirls feel the same way as me.

After finding out the truth yesterday, I couldn’t sleep at all. It turns out that he and I are just a terrible story of a scumbag cheating. In the summer of 2019, I started supporting a celebrity for the first time — bought albums, went to fan signs, and attended every concert. Before his Beijing fan signing on December 2, 2019, I kept ‘rehearsing’ with my friend on what I should say and ask. I even repeatedly edited and rewrote my letter to him. When my friends kept telling me to write down my Instagram and Weibo ID and said maybe he’d go visit the accounts, I even thought it was not possible because in my mind, he was someone high up on a pedestal, not something that I could get close to. But unexpectedly, in the early hours of December 3, right after the fan sign, I received private messages on my Instagram and Weibo account from his secret account.

— Alleged Victim

She attached screenshots of his supposed private Instagram and how he asked for her Wechat.

  • Alleged victim: “Is this you?”
  • Lucas: “Yes. Are you about to sleep?”
  • Alleged victim: “How could I fall asleep?”
  • Lucas: “Haha.”
  • Alleged victim: “My heart is going to pound out of my chest now.”
  • Lucas: “Where are you now? Are you alone?”
  • Alleged victim: “I might be sleepless…”
  • Lucas: “Can you give me your WeChat?”

She followed with a screenshot of Lucas allegedly sending her a WeChat request. The WeChat ID is the same as the one in the other accusations. The posts uploaded to the WeChat account consist of WayV’s comeback song, “Take Off”, personal photos of Lucas, and more.

I was pleasantly surprised and couldn’t think straight, but at the same time I felt a sense of loss because I only liked him as fan-and-idol, and I knew that secretly contacting fans is not something an idol should do as a professional. So I hesitated a little bit, but honestly, girls tend to be blind and confident when they’re in front of something they like, especially when a scene from a drama is happening to them. The temptation of a fantasy becoming real easily wins against any sort of logic.

After he asked me to meet him at a hotel, the idol image I had of him shattered, but at the same time, a real person came out from the cracks. I couldn’t believe that I could touch my idol, let alone chat with him all night and hug him, so I didn’t expect that this was just a trap hidden by pretty roses.

— Alleged Victim

She further attached screenshots of their conversation and claimed that apart from these two screenshots, he had asked her to delete the rest of the conversation before they met.

  • Lucas: “Shall we have a call? To confirm that I’m real. Do you want to?”
  • Alleged Victim: “I can’t call. My younger sister is sleeping next to me. I’d have to go out to call. Are you sure you want to?”
  • Lucas: “It’s okay. It’s important to keep your family company.”
  • (Caption: “He asked me if I was going to Japan as well the next day”)
  • Alleged Victim: “Do you want me to go?”
  • Lucas: “Yes.”
  • Alleged Victim: “If you say that, I might just really immediately buy tickets.”
  • Lucas: “I’m just saying it only, it’s okay. Actually, how about, if you want to, you can come to the hotel now to look for me.”

The alleged victim explained that she did indeed go to look for him at his hotel.

After I arrived at the hotel around 3am that day, I saw him and thought I was dreaming. I was very nervous at first, because this is my first time supporting a celebrity and I even got to see him in real life. I stood by the bed and didn’t know what to do. He looked around the room to see if there was any alcohol and naturally laid down to chat with me after seeing that there weren’t any.

He told me that he got a lot of letters at the fansign, but he only opened mine because he had already noticed me during previous events. He always kept my gifts with him. I told him that this is my first time experiencing something like this so I don’t know what to do, he responded saying it was also his first time. I believed it. Then, we chatted a lot about the stress he was having and other stuff. I asked him if he had secretly contacted other fans before, he thought about it and said there was only one, also from China, but he thought the other person wasn’t good looking so they only had a meal together and chatted. He really liked chatting with his fans like this, because he can then understand what his fans are thinking, but he didn’t keep in contact with that person. I can only say that I was heavily blinded and believed this too.

After chatting for a while, I asked him if he wanted to rest first since he had to fly to Japan. He said he wasn’t planning on sleeping since the members will wake up soon, and they will go to the airport after packing up their things. Then, as our emotions ran high, we did everything other than having sexual relations. Before leaving, he told me not to tell anyone, including my best friends and family, and told me to delete all the chat logs. Then he suggested that we could always keep in touch through WeChat or meet up, but I shouldn’t go to the airport. I thought he had safety concerns about the airport, but he said every time he’s at the airport, he’s tired and doesn’t want to pretend to care, he never pays attention to fans (their looks) who show up at the airport, so there’s no need for me to go. After that, I basically fell deeply in love. After all, liking someone can make one go blind, especially when the person who confessed his love to you is someone that you’ve liked for a long time but you didn’t think anything would be possible. You would start believing in those scenes from dramas. A miracle has happened to a fangirl – you’re the luckiest girl in the world.

He said it’s destiny, I believed it. He said I was the only one who he could never forget, I believed that too.

I have a special place in his world. I firmly believed that we were bounded together. But now, after getting in touch with other girls who were secretly messaged by him, I’ve come to realized that we have f*ck all.

— Alleged Victim

  • Alleged Victim: “Don’t look at other pretty fans. Because you already have the cute me.”
  • Lucas: “I won’t. I’m not the kind of person you imagine me to be. Really, I’m not.”
  • Alleged Victim: “hhhh I know.”

  • Alleged Victim: “My heart hurts for you, you haven’t been able to rest well. I want to keep you company.”
  • Lucas: “I saw it.”
  • Alleged Victim: “Saw what?”
  • Lucas: “So cute. Your Instagram.”

She claimed that he told her about his alleged ex-girlfriend during his trainee days and used that as an excuse to not be in a relationship with her.

Then, at the Bangkok fanmeeting, we couldn’t meet up and I was very sad. After I told him, he talked to me on the phone for a long time that night. We chatted about a lot of things, including his pre-debut love story. At that time, he really loved his girlfriend who was also a trainee, but for reasons unknown, his girlfriend was kicked out by the agency. Meanwhile he made his debut and started to get busy, so his girlfriend got depression, always argued with him, and wanted to attempt suicide. He felt like he couldn’t take care of her, so he broke up with her and had no plans to be in a relationship afterwards. So, although he liked me, he didn’t have the ability to be in a relationship.

When I heard this, I was very understanding and accepted this excuse, and thought maybe his love for me is just him acting on impulse. Now that I’m looking at the timeline, it wasn’t that he didn’t have the ability to be in a relationship, but that he didn’t have the energy to sweet-talk to so many girls. Someone should give him tips on time management.

— Alleged Victim

The alleged victim also claimed that he had been growing distant due to him having been talking to other girls.

The second time I met up with him was at the Skechers event in Shenyang. In the early hours of December 21, 2019, I was preparing to see him at the event, but I had a slight fever so I stayed at the hotel and didn’t attend. This was when I found out through a friend that another Chinese fan communicated with him in secret. He met up with me after the event, in the evening.

— Alleged Victim

  • Lucas: “The hotel seems to have many fans.”
  • Alleged Victim: “If you swipe your hotel card you can go straight to the 22nd floor.”
  • Lucas: “I guess.”
  • Alleged Victim: “Then you can come later I guess.”
  • Lucas: “I only just woke up now.”
  • Alleged Victim: “Yeah, go grab a bite first.”
  • Lucas: “Okay. Or should I go find you now? Never mind, let’s stick to later.”
  • Alleged Victim: “Yeah later.”
  • Lucas: “Should I take a shower?”

  • Lucas: “Which room?”
  • Alleged Victim: “2202”
  • Lucas: “But you have a fever. Is it okay?”
  • Alleged Victim: “It doesn’t matter, I’m a lot better. It might just be a little aching.”
  • Lucas: “Okay.”
  • Lucas: “But I won’t be there soon either. I’ll tell you when I’m coming up.”
  • Alleged Victim: “Okay.”

  • Lucas: “I’m going up now. Open the door.”
  • Alleged Victim: “Okay.”

According to her, he had manipulated her into feeling sorry for him as he talked about his fears of being found out by his agency.

And it was also this time when we had sex without any protection. I asked him if he wanted to wear a condom, but he said it’s fine. Maybe because he didn’t do well enough — he told me afterwards that he hadn’t had sex in almost a year. I believed it again. I never thought he’d be with another girl that same night after returning to Seoul even in that condition. After we had sexual relations, I asked him about him secretly messaging another fan. He admitted to it and said that it’s the same Chinese fan that he mentioned before. They had a meal together and had a thankful hug before leaving, but didn’t do anything else. He even showed me his WeChat chat logs with this girl. I saw a very friendly message sent to him by this girl and could see that she really liked him, but his responses were not very sincere. At the time, I thought him showing me the chatlogs was bad, but I liked him. So I took it as him trying to show me that he’s innocent and that it was the girl who wouldn’t let go.

He was very afraid that the girl would tell everyone about it. I asked him if he’s afraid of losing fans, and he said he didn’t care about fans leaving him, but he’s afraid his agency would see it. I told him to pretend to get a new WeChat account and just don’t stay in touch with her. He told me he’s really scared, and he was smoking non-stop – he almost smoked a whole pack within 2 hours. So I kept comforting him. Thinking back now, I was being tricked into siding with the bad guy.

Then he told me he had a lot of schedules for the new year, and that he’d become more and more popular, so we might not be able to meet anymore. Thinking about it now, he was probably giving me a warning. Then I joked that it’s okay, I’ll just support a different male celebrity from Hong Kong. To make it worse, I said I really liked this male celebrity even before I started attending events. He said to me, ‘It’s okay. His girlfriend is my friend. We filmed a show together and went to get our ears professionally cleaned.’ Then we started talking about celebrities from his agency. He said although he really liked going out to party as a trainee, he thought artists like Kris Wu are idiots. He thought they just do things for fun and never actually train for real. Although I agree with him, but pot meet kettle, you’re not very good at what you’re doing either. He’s called Wu Toothpick so you should be called Wong Needle.

When he talked about how he’s not fit for working out too much, because his head is really small and that it’d make him look like a buff barbie, he mentioned appearing on a military show in Korea. He thought it was really tiring so he faked having lower back pains to get off of the show early. Are you worth having the fans being worried over you? He even complained about a Chinese variety show doing malicious editing to turn him into a fool and how he really hated it, so he hesitated about joining the next season.

Also, I gave him a ring and he always had it with him. So I asked him if he can give me something that I can carry around with me. He said no, he never does that. He told me when there’s filming, he has to take off the couple ring and that I shouldn’t think too much of it. I said then I’ll give you a lot of rings so you can alternate, he said okay. Besides that, he seems to have a little kid in him, at least that’s what I thought at the time. He told me he believes that he’ll be able to travel to the moon once in his life. I asked him if he can take me, he smirked and said he’d think about it. I said if I earned enough money and bought a ticket first then would he come with me? He said okay. In conclusion, he can’t give anything to me but I can give everything to him.

— Alleged Victim

The fan continued to express that she was disappointed to find out he was in contact with other fans as well.

After that, we continued to chat, and I still attended every concert, both in China and outside of China. Generally, he was always able to find where I was sitting and secretly greet me — but thinking about it now, maybe that was all just me being delusional. For the concert in Seoul, I only found out now that there were at least 3 fans who he had secretly contacted, including me. I want to ask him… That day, when you looked so tired and left quickly, is it because there were too many people you had to greet sitting in the audience? When he went on tour in February 2020, he told me he just wants to be friends with me (I discovered later on that this is a line that he always used). We didn’t have a lot of contact and didn’t meet up until this year. But the funny thing is, we just bumped into each other by coincidence at an entertainment venue. Maybe it’s just like he said, there’s some weird destiny between us.

— Alleged Victim

The alleged victim attached screenshots of her conversation with Lucas after he had been spotted out with Luhan, previously of EXO. She dropped him a message when they had been spotted near the end of April, and he replied in early May. This was after she had agreed to just be friends with him.

  • Caption of news: “Netizens find out the man who went to a bar with Luhan is Huang Xuxi (Lucas’ Chinese name).”
  • Alleged Victim: “I told you to be careful.”
  • Lucas: “Hahaha. Long time no see.  Alright, I got it.”
  • Alleged Victim: “Did you come out to play? Are you at ___? With ___?”
  • Lucas: “Haha how did you know?”

She added some screenshots of activity from his private Weibo accout.

As a bonus, here’s what he’s been voting for with his secret Weibo account.

— Alleged Victim

The accounts show that he has been voting in various polls that involve his name, such as for handsome HongKongese celebrities and more.

She also analyzed his alleged cheating by comparing her timeline with that of the other accuser from the day before.

Regarding my timeline overlapping with the girl that accused him yesterday:
[spreadsheet screenshot]
From the girl’s post, the sequence of events is that the girl left on December 2, he met up with me in the evening that day. Then, after meeting up with me in the early hours of December 21, he went to a hotel with her in the evening that day.
[screenshots of her paying for fansigns]
I went to two fansigns, on December 1 and 2. He sent me private messages afterwards.
[screenshots of flight and hotel records]
Flight and hotel records for Shenyang.
I can’t even imagine how good he is mentally to be able to switch between two girls, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Is he really tired normally, or is he not working hard enough?

— Alleged Victim

Lastly, she explained her point of view and expressed her disappointment in him.

If no one accused him yesterday, I would’ve still believed him. But when the truth was revealed, the trust that I had became ironic and laughable.

Throughout these two years, regardless of whether I was in touch with him or just paying attention to him from afar, I worked hard to make myself better in order to be closer to him, to be a better match for him. When I had setbacks, and when I was close to being depressed, my anticipation and love for him turned into energy that supported me. But when the truth was right in front of me, my tears have finally washed away the blindness that I had.

I thought he was a belief, but now I understand, perhaps he can’t even be considered a human being. I remember he told me his mother had taught him to protect and be kind to girls, so he would treat all girls sincerely. But through his actions, he’s taken the sincerity of the girls and stepped on it.

Have you noticed? Scumbags have something in common – they all say they like kind girls, because they always treat girls’ kindness as dumbness. That way, it is easy to brainwash and control the girls, and easy for them to sleep with other fans, cheat, and trick the girls. Everyone should have accountability and be ethical. Cheating and tricking others is not right, especially when the end goal for idols is to encourage everyone to have a positive influence on this world and spread love.

Taking advantage of girls’ love for you in order to trick them – you’re not worth the love. I didn’t expect my first experience of supporting a celebrity would end in such a disaster. Do I regret it? I regret having liked such a person so sincerely and passionately. But what I don’t regret is, I got to know a lot of kind and cute girls during the process. They shine like pearls. I don’t regret having worked hard to become a better self, so that I didn’t feel too horrible pulling myself out of this relationship.

I’ll never support a celebrity again. I’ll be well and be kind to others.
Lastly, I hope everyone who’s reading this will be happy, and hope that no one will let you down.

Ps. I know a lot of people will accuse me of having photoshopped the images, that I don’t have real evidence, that I’m making this up, but I want to say that no ordinary girl would be prepared to record audio or film with a hidden camera when she’s sincerely dating someone. I can only say that the trust I gave him turned into a knife that he’s used to stab me. I take responsibility for every word I said above. Everything is true.

— Alleged Victim

SM Entertainment had only spoken to say they would give “no comment,” after the first accusations. They have yet to address the second and third accusations.

Read the full translations for the second accusation below.

A Third Alleged Victim Of WayV Lucas’ Gaslighting Scandal Has Spoken Up – Here’s The Full Translation

Source: Weibo
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