NCT’s Taeil Recently Followed Lucas On Instagram, And Fans Are Unsure What It Means

A WayV comeback is currently in the works, too.

With the recent confirmation that WayV is working on a new album, many fans are wondering whether or not there will be an update to Lucas‘s hiatus and status within the group.

He has been on hiatus since August of last year after he was accused of “cheating, manipulation, pressuring a fan to have unprotected sex with him and gaslighting” from multiple sources. Since that time, SM Entertainment hasn’t made any confirmations whether or not he will remain a member of NCT and WayV, and their silence has frustrated many fans.

Lucas | SM Entertainment

Back in August this year, netizens noticed that NCT’s main Instagram account had followed all of the WayV members on the social media app, including Lucas. This led to theories that he was going to remain a member of the group, much to many fans’ disappointment and disapproval.


And now, further activity on Instagram has fans once again discussing the topic of Lucas’s idol status.

It’s been discovered that NCT’s Taeil recently followed Lucas on Instagram, and while it’s uncertain if this was something that he was pressured into by SM Entertainment or that he did of his own volition, fans think that he’s potentially making some kind of statement.

This also comes after fellow NCT member Haechan recently made his own personal Instagram account and followed all of WayV’s members except for Lucas, making it seem much more likely that Taeil made the decision himself.

Taeil (NCT)

Whatever the case is, fans are growing exasperated with the situation and lack of a statement from SM Entertainment.

Despite all of this, many fans are just elated that it sounds like WayV will be finally having their long-awaited comeback in the near future!

Source: Reddit