WayV Confirms New Album In The Works, And Fans Can’t Contain Their Excitement… And Trepidation

It’s uncertain how many members will be involved.

The last time that WayV had a full-group comeback album was in March 2021 with the release of Kick Back. While they did come out with the OST “Everytime” in June last year, fans have been anxiously awaiting news about whether or not the group would be releasing new music for the last year and a half.

WayV | SM Entertainment

Treatment of the group has long been questioned by fans, as Chinese idols are notoriously known to not get the best treatment by K-Pop labels already. The long wait since the group’s last comeback has only led to further complaints by the fandom, which is understandable given the circumstances.

WayV | SM Entertainment

What has made their comeback even more uncertain is Lucas‘s ongoing hiatus, which began in August 2021 when he was accused of “cheating, manipulation, pressuring a fan to have unprotected sex with him and gaslighting” from multiple sources. SM Entertainment hasn’t made any confirmations whether or not he’s still a part of WayV or NCT as a whole, and there are split opinions on whether or not he should be allowed to remain.

WayV | SM Entertainment

Despite this, Kun and Ten confirmed that WayV is working on a comeback album during a recent livestream!

Kun said that they’re working on a variety of different styles for the album, and that he’s really enjoying the process of working hard on the album tracks. They apparently recorded several versions of some of the songs until they found what they liked.

Ten said that they are now “kicking forward” instead of “kicking back”, and Kun added that the title track is really good. An official release date hasn’t been confirmed yet, but that the next day will be the recording session for the last song, which may mean that a comeback is relatively close!

Many fans are reacting with excitement and anticipation to the announcement that WayV should be having a comeback in the near future…

But others are concerned what SM Entertainment has planned for the member line-up.

We’ll just have to wait and see what the company has prepared for this long-awaited comeback.

Source: Reddit