EDAM Entertainment May Be Signing It’s First Singer Apart From IU

He might be the first male singer under the label!

EDAM Entertainment was famous for being a one-artist agency. For the longest time, they only managed IU as the company was initially set up to handle the mega-star’s activities after her first company, LOEN Entertainment, was acquired by KakaoM. Although they signed actress Shin Se Kyung later on, IU still remained EDAM’s only beloved singer.


On October 5, 2022, it was reported that WOODZ, also known as Cho Seungyoun, was being courted by the company. WOODZ’s exclusive contract with Yuehua Entertainment expires near the end of October 2022. Industry insiders claim that he has been in talks with EDAM. EDAM Entertainment later stated to the media that nothing has been decided yet.


So, how do fans feel about this potential move? They’re loving it, of course! Many fans had been upset with Yuehua Entertainment’s mismanagement of the talented star for a long time. They also celebrated the news as WOODZ is well-known to be an IU fan.

Netizen reactions to the news. | theqoo
  • “Crazy, this is great!! Cho Seungyoun will do better in the future, let’s go let’s go”
  • “This turned out so well! His skills are amazing so I hoped that he would do well.”
  • “I love it”
  • “Congrats on escaping Yuehua!”

WOODZ made his debut with X1 initially, but the project was scrapped after Produce 101 fell into a rigging scandal. He then made a solo debut and continued to work on solo albums diligently.

Check out WOODZ’s latest comeback, “I hate you,” below:

Source: theqoo and XSportsNews
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