Eddy Kim Heavily Criticized For Turning His Instagram Private Instead Of Apologizing

Netizens took it as a sign of hiding instead of owning up to his mistakes.

Eddy Kim was recently announced as one of the members of Jung Joon Young‘s many chatrooms, where they shared degrading comments and illegal videos of women.


As many fans and netizens expressed their anger and disappointment in Eddy, he switched his Instagram account to private.


Netizens were furthered angered by his actions because he has yet to personally apologize for his involvement in the scandal. In Korean society, issuing an official apology after making a mistake is a sign of respect towards those affected by their actions.

Netizens began to further criticize Eddy Kim for not taking ownership of his mistakes but deciding to “hide”.


Eddy Kim’s agency previously explained that Eddy Kim was a part of the chatroom but never filmed or shared any videos.

“Hello, this is Mystic Entertainment.

We would like to relay our position regarding Eddy Kim’s appearance on MBC Newsdesk on April 4. Eddy Kim was at the police station and questioned for about 2 hours on March 31.

It is true that Eddy Kim was part of the chatroom, but we have confirmed that he has never filmed or distributed any hidden camera videos.

However, it was confirmed that he did upload one sexual photo from the internet, which is why he was investigated.

Eddy Kim is aware of the seriousness of the matter and is deeply reflecting on it. We sincerely apologize for the trouble caused.”

— Mystic Entertainment

Source: Newsen
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