Edward Avila Calls Out Spire Entertainment’s CEO Following OMEGA X Abuse Allegations

He previously worked with OMEGA X on two videos.

Boy group OMEGA X  just wrapped up the North American leg of their 2022 OMEGA X WORLD TOUR [CONNECT: Don’t give up] with a show in Los Angeles, California. That same night, a fan overheard the members being verbally and physically abused by a senior of their management agency Spire Entertainment.

Guys, I was waiting for the Uber that I called outside and I saw the company CEO hitting the members. I really didn’t know what to do since my hands were shaking so much. They were being hit right in front of me but I couldn’t do anything.

— @hwi_418

CEO: What have you guys done for me? Did you take care of me when I was having a hard time?

CEO: Stop?

Member: [inaudible]… it was right

CEO: Who do you think you are? Who do you think you are?

Member: [A member] is going to faint.

CEO: I’ve already fainted before!

*sound of someone falling down*

Member: Oh!

CEO: Get up! Now!

Member: What are you doing?!

*sound of a thud*

*sound of someone crying*

Since then, Spire Entertainment has released a statement specifically addressing the abuse allegations.

Hello, this is OMEGA X’s management Spire Entertainment.

First, we would like to sincerely apologize for causing you concern with the recent news. As of October 22 (local time), OMEGA X completed their first world tour, ‘CONNECT : Don’t give up,’ in Los Angeles. Following the month-long tour, which began in Guadalajara, Mexico, on September 16 and ended in LA, USA, on October 22, we had a celebratory team-wide dinner. The conversation, which has circulated online via social media, was recorded at that dinner.

At the time, having completed all legs of the tour, the OMEGA X members and Spire Entertainment team were discussing the hard work that went into the concerts, as well as the future that is to come. During this discussion, we also talked about certain moments that caused disappointments in one another. And in doing so, the conversation got heated, and voices were raised.

Please note that we kept communicating after dinner. And Spire Entertainment and the members have since resolved all hard feelings. We have concluded to continue moving forward together, all the while being more considerate toward one another.

This past month on tour, getting to meet the fans from all around the world who love and support the members, has been an inarguably meaningful time for both OMEGA X and the managing team at Spire Entertainment. And while we have tried everything in our powers to keep our promises with the fans, we apologize for having caused such concern in the end.

Spire Entertainment would like to thank the fans again for wholeheartedly supporting OMEGA X. As the name ‘OMEGA X’ suggests, the group will continue to share and create valuable moments from the beginning to the end; and we, as the management, promise to protect both OMEGA X and the fans through these moments.

Again, we extend our sincerest apologies for the situation.

— Spire Entertainment

OMEGA X in LA | @OmegaX_official/Twitter

Additionally, the Spire Entertainment staff responsible has since been confirmed to be the CEO, a woman named Kang Seong Hee. She even admitted to it in an exclusive report with SBS. Yet, she also defended her actions. 

We realized that the seats we originally booked could lead to the members sitting mixed with fans. So we talked about potentially canceling the tickets from three days ago. It is not true that we left the members behind on purpose.

It’s a one-sided allegation started by an anti-fan who is hostile toward the management.

I was exhausted because I’ve been up for several nights in a row. I even had a bloody nose because I was so tired. But the members didn’t think to make me feel better. They didn’t care about me. So I felt upset and acted out of disappointment.

Usually, I’m extremely polite toward the members. I even use honorifics when I talk to them.

Kang Seong Hee (Spire Entertainment)

Considering this actually is not a one-time incident, FOR X (OMEGA X fans) are very concerned about the members. On multiple occasions, there have been witnesses of a woman, now alleged to be the CEO, yelling at the members.

Now, beauty guru, music artist, and social media personality Edward Avila has spoken out about Kang Seong Hee.

From left: Edward Avila, Jehyun, and Hangyeom | @edweird0/Instagram

Avila previously worked with OMEGA X on two videos last year. He interviewed the entire group first and did Hangyeom and Jehyun‘s makeup the second time. In both videos, he was at Spire Entertainment.

So, following news of the mistreatment toward OMEGA X, he reacted via Instagram Stories. In his first post, he too confirmed that the CEO is a woman and revealed that he had the “weirdest feeling about her” when she walked in during their filming.

| @edweird0/Instagram

In his follow-up post, he shared a GIF as an example of his reaction to her interactions with the members, implying that he sensed something was not right even back then.


Additionally, Avila specifically responded to the original statement released by Spire Entertainment. Needless to say, he was unimpressed.

This ‘statement’ is the biggest piece of dookie I’ve ever seen lol like its fooling no one. It addresses literally nothing💀

— Edward Avila


Edward Avila shared SBS New’s video evidence of the OMEGA X members being abused by their CEO, who he referred to as insane.

Source: @edweird0

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