SBS Reports OMEGA X Has “Not Been Able To Return To Korea” Since LA Incident, Spire Entertainment Responds

In her response, the female CEO Kang Seong Hee admitted that she was the one who “raised voice” at the members.

According to an exclusive report by SBS News, OMEGA X members have not been able to return to Korea after the final Los Angeles leg of the 2022 OMEGA X WORLD TOUR [CONNECT: Don’t give up].

Reportedly, OMEGA X members were originally booked to fly back to Korea on October 23 (local time)—assumed to be departing from LAX. However, following the online circulation of an allegation that the members were abused by the female CEO of Spire Entertainment, SBS News verified the tickets to have been canceled early morning on the day of the flight.

OMEGA X in Los Angeles | @OmegaX_official/Twitter

SBS News also verified that, while the members remained behind in Los Angeles, the production staff boarded the flight back to Korea. With the sudden change in the schedule, OMEGA X fans raised questions and concerns regarding the well-being of the members.

In a phone call with SBS News, Spire Entertainment’s CEO Kang Seong Hee clarified that “the flight schedule had been subject to change for the past three days.” According to the management’s claim, the tickets were ultimately canceled to prevent the members from “sitting with the fans.”

LAX | Valerie Macon/AFP via NPR

We realized that the seats we originally booked could lead to the members sitting mixed with fans. So we talked about potentially canceling the tickets since three days ago. It is not true that we left the members behind on purpose.

— Spire Entertainment

In addition, the CEO further explained her side of the situation regarding the allegation that she abused the group members. In doing so, Kang revealed that she is the female voice in the recorded conversation.

Though she insisted that it’s “a one-sided allegation started by an ‘anti-fan’ against the management,’ Kang admitted that she did “feel disappointed” in how she was treated by OMEGA X. Kang added that she is “usually” polite toward the members.

It’s a one-sided allegation started by an anti-fan who is hostile toward the management.

I was exhausted because I’ve been up for several nights in a row. I even had a bloody nose because I was so tired. But the members didn’t think to make me feel better. They didn’t care about me. So I felt upset and acted out of disappointment.

Usually, I’m extremely polite toward the members. I even use honorifics when I talk to them.

— Spire Entertainment

It is unclear as to if OMEGA X members have since returned to Korea or if they are still in Los Angeles. It’s also unknown when they will be flying back. Meanwhile, OMEGA X fans are demanding better treatment of the members—especially after the initial statement from Spire Entertainment was deemed “not good enough.”

Read the said statement here.

Spire Entertainment Releases Official Statement Explaining What Happened, Following The OMEGA X Member Abuse Allegation

Source: SBS News

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