ELFs tell Siwon’s “We Got Married” wife not to wear heels to compensate for Super Junior’s shortness

Shortly after learning that Super Junior’s Siwon will appear on the Chinese version of We Got Married, named We Are In Love (aka Wo Men Xiang Ai Ba), fans have begun sending messages to his wife Liu Wen.

On April 4th, Siwon and Liu Wen were spotted filming for We Are In Love. Not only did ELFs react positively to the news, but they also sent their blessings to the virtual couple through Liu Wen’s personal Weibo account. They further generated positive attention when they began jokingly making fun of their idols.

Standing tall at 178cm, Liu Wen is only slightly shorter than Siwon and taller than a lot of the Super Junior members. To this, ELFs wrote, “Unnie, when you go to meet your brother-in-laws, please don’t wear high heels. Sit down whenever you can,” and “Hello Goddess, when you meet your brother-in-laws, don’t wonder why they aren’t standing up to greet you…they ARE actually standing up.

ELFs also targeted Siwon’s love for his dog Bugsy, saying, “Unnie, if oppa forces you to say that Bugsy is cute, let us know, and we will yell at him for you without hesitation.

They then moved onto making fun of Siwon and his rumored wealth, saying, “Unnie, I know you have money but don’t miss the opportunity to get Siwon to spend money on you! Buy lots and swipe his credit cards as you wish,” and “You don’t have to be considerate when it comes to his money. Just say whatever you want to buy. He will swipe his credit card to buy it for you. Don’t hesitate to tell him what kind of a car you want to ride in…he has everything!

Super Junior is well known and loved for not being afraid to make fun of themselves. Now, ELFs are also being praised for reacting light-heartedly!

Source: Sina