Elkie Hasn’t Let Netizen Hate Impact Her Friendship With TWICE’s Tzuyu

“It seems like it’s not possible to stop what the netizens are saying.”

TWICE‘s Tzuyu and former CLC member Elkie have been close friends for eight years and have shared photos from traveling together, celebrating birthdays and holidays together, supporting each others’ promotions, and more.

TWICE’s Tzuyu (left) and Elkie (right) | Pinterest

Most recently, the two were able to meet at the end of 2023, and netizens were celebrating the long-awaited updated photos of the two stars.

Following the update, Elkie gave an interview to ETtoday where she opened up about their friendship and addressed the netizen hate they both have received throughout their friendship.

Tzuyu and Elkie in photos shared Jan. 2024 | @thinkaboutzu/Instagram

Elkie assured fans that she and Tzuyu remain close, and Elkie had even planned to meet up with the TWICE members when they were in China, though their schedules unfortunately didn’t align.

In the interview, Elkie shared that during their eight years of friendship, she and Tzuyu haven’t let the hate they’ve received impact their friendship. While she continues sharing aspects of her life, she’s admitted that she doesn’t proactively open up about their friendship.

It seems like it’s not possible to stop what the netizens are saying. I share things about my life. I don’t talk about this proactively but if I’m asked, then I would answer.

— Elkie

Elkie | @chongtingyanelkie/Instagram

Elkie then opened up about how she and Tzuyu feel regarding the hate they received and explained that they continue to grow closer despite it.

Not at all. We’re only going to get even closer. We believe, ‘You all don’t understand.’ Tzuyu also thinks, ‘Why do you have to face all of this’ and I would respond with, ‘It’s okay, they’re people who worry about you. They believe they’re protecting you.’

— Elkie

| @chongtingyanelkie/Instagram

Elkie doesn’t dwell on the negative and instead reveals that she appreciates that they balance each other well as friends.

I’m cheerful and extroverted. It’s not that she’s not extroverted, but she needs someone there to get her going. I’m happy that she’s able to show everyone her cheerful side more and more year after year. On the other hand, Tzuyu is a healing to me. She’s calm. We’re both very empathic.

— Elkie

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Source: ETtoday