Embattled “Bully” Influencer Ha Neul Allegedly Blocks Netizens Mentioning “The Glory” — Makes Her Instagram Private

“Is it because you’re feeling guilty?”

Influencer Ha Neul, who previously apologized for bullying classmates, has turned her Instagram private.

Ha Neul | @haneulina/Instagram

Previously we reported on “The Glory Effect,” or the effect Netflix’s hit K-Drama The Glory has had on audiences when pertaining to school bullying. Earlier, a popular Thai actor had come forward and apologized for bullying his classmates.

“The Glory” Effect? Popular Thai Actor Comes Forward With An Apology For His Bullying Past

According to news reports, the effect has not been lost on Korean audiences.

On January 17, news outlets reported that popular influencer Ha Neul, who has a million followers, had turned her Instagram private after netizens flocked to her account to ask if she had watched The Glory.

Recently, a post went viral in which a netizen alleged that Haneul had blocked them because they had asked if the influencer had watched The Glory. Another netizen revealed they were blocked when they messaged the influencer stating she reminded them of Park Yeon Jin, the main antagonist in the drama.

It seems Ha Neul had turned her Instagram private soon after the interaction.

Is it because you’re feeling guilty? Why did you block me? I just simply asked if you watched The Glory. You’re overreacting, LOL. I just asked if you watched a popular show out of curiosity.

— Netizen

Ha Neul is an online shopping mall CEO and an influencer. In 2020, Ha Neul was alleged to have been a school bully as well as being involved in used-car scams and illegal online gambling. In response to the allegations, Ha Neul stated she would be taking legal action for the allegations but admitted to being a school bully and apologized.

Ha Neul apologized in 2020 for bullying and mistreating employees | Money Today

Netflix’s The Glory tells the story of a woman (played by Song Hye Kyo) who was bullied and physically assaulted in her school years. The drama follows her quest for revenge as she shows up in her assailant’s lives years later. The drama has been widely praised for bringing awareness to school bullying, which has plagued Korea for years.


Source: insight and wikitree
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