“The Glory” Effect? Popular Thai Actor Comes Forward With An Apology For His Bullying Past

Netizens believe that the show is contributing toward positive change.

Popular Thai actor Pawat Chittsawangdee, aka Ohm Pawat, recently came forward with an apology for bullying his classmates in school. A significant chunk of netizens believes that the popular Netflix series The Glory was a catalyst leading to this situation.

Ohm Pawat | @ohmpawat/ Instagram

Ohm Pawat debuted as an actor in 2016, but his breakthrough role was in a 2021 BL drama called Bad Buddy. His portrayal of the protagonist Napat Pat Jindapat made him very well-loved by Thai drama fans. But it started to crumble early this year when multiple schoolmates of Pawat began coming forward on Twitter with their stories of being bullied by him.

Almost a week after the allegations surfaced, Ohm took to social media and posted an apology, explaining that he played pranks as a student and later apologized to the victim’s parents.

But this apology seemed insincere to many netizens and even some of his fans. What ticked off most people was his apparent attempt to paint the incident as “boys being boys.”

Though his apology has received mixed reactions from the internet, many netizens believe that the issue got to see the light of day because of the influence of The Glory. The Song Hye Kyo-starrer follows the story of a woman seeking revenge on her classmates who bullied her ruthlessly in high school. The first part of the series was released on December 30, 2022, and instantly became an international hit.

The drama had a visible social impact in South Korea, where it continues to prompt discussions about school violence. Netizens believe that it carried the same effect in Thailand, where it was the most-watched series on Netflix during the first week of January. The accusations against Ohm Pawat started appearing on Twitter just a few days after the series hit it big in the country. The correlation ended up trending “Thai The Glory” on Twitter. The tag is now flooded with videos of school bullying incidents, calling for action against such issues.

Following the apology of Pawat, many netizens are now demanding that another Thai actor, Gulf Kanawut, answer for his problematic actions, both in the past and present.

Whether prompted by The Glory or not, it seems like a ripple effect has been created in Thailand to call out celebrities with a past of school violence. Many netizens feel that the series truthfully portrayed the level of brutal torture that is involved in most ‘bullying’ cases in South Korea, and now people might understand better why the country is so harsh on its celebrities who get accused of being a bully in school.

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  • “Nobody is like that at a young age; that’s why it’s bad. I hope he pays for what he did.”
  • “I honestly wonder what people think “school violence” even means… There are way worse cases of bullying than in ‘The Glory’ out there.”
  • “This is a good influence. School violence perpetrators should be ruined.”
  • “Not Ohm Pawat…no…”
  • “Ohm and Gulf, both cases are shocking. What on earth…”
  • “You call that an apology?

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