Here Are Encouraging Words That Each BTS Member Wants Filipino ARMYs To Know

Whose message resonates with you the most?

BTS has something to say to all Filipino ARMYs out there, and as expected, they are words to live by!

Recently, the boys were selected as the brand ambassadors of Filipino wireless communications brand SMART.


In partnership with the brand, they released a video message on YouTube. Hear the inspirational words of each member below!


1. RM

Leader RM went up first, and he suggested that fans put heart into all of life’s moments.

Wouldn’t it be smart if you put your heart into something every moment? It’s been a while since we met ARMY and everyone in the Philippines. Let’s meet soon after this long winter is over. I miss you a lot.

— RM

2. Jin

Jin wanted ARMYs to know that he is encouraging them so that they can always be happy.

Smart decisions have always been important to us, and it seems to have produced good results for us. Let’s be happy, everyone. I will encourage you so that you can only walk the path of happiness!

— Jin

3. Suga

Next, Suga hopes that fans will think carefully before making decisions.

It’s a smart decision if you think about it carefully when you make a decision. The year 2021 has started, everyone. I hope that everyone stays healthy this year so that we’ll see you at the show.

— Suga

4. J-Hope

J-Hope, on the other hand, advised that they find their purpose in life.

The simple fact is that when you have a purpose, you will have a reason for life and it will become your driving force since you were born into this world. I think facing the world with a sense of purpose is one of the important factors to enjoy life! Stay healthy and be happy! Those are the most important things. Until the day COVID-19 ends and we come to see you in person! Peace!

— J-Hope

5. Jimin

Similarly, Jimin asked fans to find their purpose. He also wishes that they will enjoy life and experience everything it has to offer.

I think life is a wonderful thing. We can spend our entire lives and not experience everything life has to offer, so wouldn’t it be nice to have a purpose to see and enjoy a lot of things and sometimes to enjoy life? Dear Filipino ARMY, I hope my heart can reach you and thank you for always supporting us. We look forward to seeing you soon.

— Jimin

6. V

V encouraged them to challenge themselves and never give up, even if they may fall over and over again.

Challenge yourself! No matter how many times you fall, don’t give up. Keeping yourself going without giving up will break one of the big walls in your life. I always want to meet ARMY with good music and performances as soon as possible after COVID-19 is over.

— V

7. Jungkook

Last but certainly not the least, Jungkook urged fans to have a clear purpose and live a smart life. Ending his message, he shared how happy he is to be working with SMART, and he hopes that ARMYs will always stay healthy.

First of all, it would be nice if you have a clear purpose, but I hope that you will think about and judge your realistic environment and do what you need to do, one by one. Our beloved ARMY and SMART subscribers, I am so happy to be with SMART. I hope your life will be a smart life in the future like SMART. I’ll be rooting for you. Stay healthy.

— Jungkook

Hear BTS’s encouraging words for yourself in the full video below!

Source: SMART Communications