English Broadcaster Under Fire For Allegedly Lying About Eating Fried Dog Meat In South Korea

Netizens were quick to call her out on her lies.

English broadcaster Sara Cox is making headlines for an alleged lie she “experienced.” The BBC host was recently a guest on Alan Carr‘s podcast, Life’s A Beach and it was here that Sara Cox made claims about having eaten “fried dog meat 20 years ago when she was in South Korea.

Sara Cox | The Times

Sara Cox claimed that she “ate a little bit of dog by accident,” while sharing that she would never ever actively eat dog on purpose.” The host continued her story by revealing that she originally thought she was eating chicken meat, until she realized she wasn’t. “But it was only when I got to the bone I realized it wasn’t bone. It was kind of like an elbow. Coughing up the disc! It’ll be in my lower intestine somewhere now.” 

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And while eating dog meat in South Korea 20 years ago could seem like a likely occurrence, it was the host’s following comment that revealed the alleged “lie,” which further fueled the rage of Korean netizens.

It [dog meat] was in a fried chicken sort of bucket-style thing, mind you, that could happen anywhere.

— Sara Cox

Enraged netizens immediately began to leave comments expressing their shock and bafflement at Sara Cox’s “ridiculous” claims, calling her out on her alleged “lies.”

| theqoo
  • “Dog meat has a peculiar odor so I thought you couldn’t fry it? The smell is strong so they usually boil it with herbal medicine for a long time.”
  • “Did she see this in a story somewhere and decide to share it? There’s a Japanese novel that shares the story of someone going to Southeast Asia and eating fried dog meat. She probably saw that and shared it like it was her own personal experience.”
  • “Even as a lie, this is too much.”
  • “It’s eaten for health benefits so who would fry that. So ridiculous.”
  •  “It has a weird smell so you can’t fry it.”
  • “I said this before, but there really is no way you can confuse chicken meat for dog meat. The meat is completely different (I’ve seen dog meat before.) If you compared pork to dog meat, maybe it could be believable. This is absolute nonsense.”
  • “A**hole. In my entire life, I’ve never seen fried dog meat.”
  • “I’ve never heard of anyone comparing chicken meat and dog meat after getting both in one sitting.”
  • “Even Koreans have a lot of prejudice against dog meat. She’s probably mental and heard the word ‘chicken’ (dak in Korean) and misheard it as ‘dog.'”
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In the midst of the scrutiny, Sara Cox has not yet addressed the ongoing backlash she has been receiving for the alleged story.

Source: Naver News, theqoo and Image
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