ENHYPEN Goes Viral For Their Iconic “Same Group, Two Different Concepts” Look At The Airport

Who didn’t get the memo for the dress code?

In K-Pop groups with many members, it is more often than not that their individual styles shine offstage. Due to the variety of styles the members, showcase, these become funny memes that entertain with how vastly different they are. For example, this photo of SEVENTEEN‘s Mingyu and DK went viral with the caption, “They probably both thought each other was being dramatic.” With Mingyu dressed for the hot Southeast Asian weather in a tee and DK for the Korean cold, you can’t tell what the current weather is!

TWICE‘s Sana and Chaeyoung also created a similar meme. With their different styles, many likened it to a pair of besties at a women’s university.

ENHYPEN recently strolled up to the airport dressed warm for the winter. While telling the weather from their outfits was certainly not a problem, it felt like they were from different groups. While Sunoo and Jungwon looked cutie-fresh and adorable…

…the other five looked straight out of a mafia Wattpad fic.

The BGM choice by the fan who made the meme video on TikTok added to the humor. The former are definitely more NewJeans, while the black-dressed five fit ENHYPEN’s “Bite Me” perfectly.

The fact that they were walking in their respective concept groups made it even more hilarious. Many related to the group.

I also live like the left group mostly, then I become the right group when I have appointments.

— nangnang2ya

The fact that they just had to be walking grouped like that. It’s so funny, I’m going crazy. Then again, the Pocketz are really so cute.

— min2m1ni

Another hit Tweet pointed out that the funniest thing was, “the two on the left are the ones who have the strongest mentality in the group.

The video soon went viral with over 1 million views!