ENHYPEN Reveals Their Greatest Influences That Made Them Want To Pursue Music

Chance the Rapper, BTS, Justin Bieber, and more!

In an interview with J-14, the members of ENHYPEN revealed the artists who were their greatest musical inspirations growing up.

The members already knew that Jake has always been a fan of Chance the Rapper.

Sunoo revealed how seeing BTS made him want to become an artist…

…as did Sunghoon.

BTS left a big impression on Sunghoon and inspired him to pursue being an idol.

When I was a trainee, watching BTS’s performances made me want to become an artist.

— Sunghoon

Jungwon listed Justin Bieber as his greatest musical influence and always wanted to sing like him.

As a trainee, he was greatly influenced by Justin Bieber’s unique vocal color and found himself listening to his music frequently and singing along.

Watch the full discussion about their favorite artists below!