ENHYPEN Congratulates &TEAM On Their Debut And Reflects On “I-LAND”

ENHYPEN could relate after debuting from a survival show as well.

ENHYPEN appeared on the last episode of HYBE‘s survival show &AUDITION – The Howling, which finalized all the members of their first Japanese boy group &TEAM. Having debuted from the survival show I-LAND, the members congratulated their new juniors by empathizing with them.

ENHYPEN and &TEAM in the final episode of “&AUDITION – The Howling.” | @oricon/Twitter

Jay reminded HYBE’s newest group to continue to work hard for all of the people who have supported them thus far.

I hope you will keep working hard and work together for your fans, friends, and family. You’ve been working hard together through the program and as a team.

And today I saw the moment a new team was formed and really overwhelmed. Congratulations. I would like to keep on supporting you guys.

— Jay


As an extremely talented dancer, Ni-Ki gave the group high praise for their performance skills.

First, I’d like to congratulate you on making a debut. Your performance was really cool, and I’m looking forward to your future activities.

— Ni-Ki


Sporting his signature smile, Sunoo also praised their juniors for delivering amazing stages and anticipated seeing more from them.

First, I’d like to say that your performance today was really cool… I look forward to seeing wonderful performances. So, thank you for your hard work.

— Sunoo


Heeseung admitted that he’d been tuning into the show and could relate to all the hardships they experienced, making their debut even more meaningful.

First, I’d like to congratulate you guys for making a debut. I was watching your performances and the program directly.

I also experienced the same audition process. So, I could empathize with you guys. I was really moved.

Thank you for your hard work, and I hope you will make wonderful music and communicate with each other solidly. Thank you.

— Heeseung


Sunghoon expressed how excited he’d been to reunite with Taki, Nicholas, EJ, and K from their time spent together on I-LAND. He was also touched by how hard they’d worked to deliver such amazing performances despite all of the pressure they were under.

When we were working together in ‘I-LAND,’ I worked with K, EJ, Nicholas, and Taki. I was able to meet with you guys after a while, and I was really glad.

I was watching today’s performances, which were really moving. And two years ago, we made our debut in the same kind of situation. And so, thank you for your wonderful performance.

— Sunghoon


Jungwon delivered a speech that was expected from a leader. Despite the short time ENHYPEN has been a group, he could relate to &TEAM’s struggles and welcomed them to meet with him whenever their paths crossed.

It’s less than two years since we made our debut, so it seems weird that I’m giving you words of encouragement. We made our debut through a survival program. I understand how hard it was physically and mentally to go through this journey.

So I would like to first say thank you for your hard work. I hope we’ll meet very often because we belong to the same label. I hope you make wonderful music together. Congratulations.

— Jungwon


Like the rest of the members, Jake emphasized their excitement for &TEAM’s future promotions and expressed how motivating it was to see them work so hard.

Your performances today were really wonderful. It made me feel that we have to try even harder.

I’m going to support your future activities. I’m looking forward to your wonderful performances. I’ll be supporting you guys.

— Jake


Listen to ENHYPEN’s kind words for the nine members who have become &TEAM.