ENHYPEN Reveals If They Will Ever Rock The Sexy Crop Top Trend

A member already owns one!

During their interview with Harper’s Bazaar, the members of ENHYPEN revealed the recent fashion trends they love and the ones they would rather skip! Specifically, fans were excited to hear what they had to say about the sexy crop top trend that’s taking over the K-Pop world.

The boys revealed that Ni-ki already owns one. However, he quickly admitted he has yet to actually wear it!

Jay and Sunoo admitted that in order to feel confident in the revealing style, working out is a must.

I think I’ll have to work out to wear this.

— Sunoo

They also mentioned how artists like TXT‘s Yeonjun and SHINee‘s Taemin have shown just how cool the trend looks on stage!


Members Jake and Jungwon discussed how they might try it for a performance…

  • Jake: “As a stage outfit, it would be fine.”
  • Jungwon: “Worth a try at least once?”

…but in the end, chose to disprove the trend so they don’t feel obligated to wear it!

Check out ENHYPEN’s full video below.


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