“It’s Like She’s The Reincarnation” — Female Lead In ENHYPEN’s “DARK BLOOD” Trailer Goes Viral For Looking Like Jeon Ji Hyun’s Doppleganger

The resemblance is uncanny.

ENHYPEN just released the concept trailer for DARK BLOOD, and it’s basically a whole movie! We see Sunghoon waking up a girl before entering the woods with her. He defends her against the other members as she runs away, only to be caught by Jay.

| HYBE Labels

Viewers also get a few scenes of the female lead gazing sentimentally at the camera.

Female lead in trailer. | HYBE Labels

Her beauty quickly went viral as people began to dub her the “reincarnation of Jeon Ji Hyun.” The similarities between the female lead and the famed actress soon went viral, with over 590,000 views on the original tweet.

No but f*ck. Jeon Ji Hyun reincarnated in the ENHYPEN trailer?

— @gueenca

The female lead looks exactly like Jeon Ji Hyun’s younger days.

Jeon Ji Hyun when she was younger. | Vingle

They even have the same mole on the nose.

Fans were also full of praise for her acting skills.

She truly is a gem! It’s not easy to look like one of South Korea’s most beloved beauties.

Some also compared her to the NewJeans type of image.

HYBE is insane. They goosebump-inducingly found someone that is the NewJeans type. Annoying.

— @eripiyonet

Catch the trailer for DARK MOON below and see for yourself.