“The ENHYPEN Effect”: How A Single Video Inspired This Trainee’s HYBE Journey

“[ENHYPEN] said, ‘Girls are next!'”

In a recent R U Next? video, contestant Funa shared an unexpected story that left fans and fellow trainees both surprised and inspired. While it’s always fascinating to discover the unique journeys that led the trainees to HYBE, Funa’s account stands out. The catalyst that sparked her HYBE journey wasn’t a lifelong dream or a chance encounter but a single video of the popular HYBE boy group ENHYPEN.

Funa casually unveiled the secret during an interview segment on the survival show R U Next. “I saw a video of ENHYPEN. At the end of it, they said, ‘Girls are next!'” she confessed. And just like that, an unexpected connection between ENHYPEN and one of HYBE’s newest trainees was revealed.

After seeing that, I sent a video to the email [linked] and now I’m here.

— “R U Next” Funa

Funa | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the influence of established K-Pop groups on budding artists. Still, it’s incredibly heartwarming to see that impact direct and real. Funa’s candid confession brings to light just how deeply the words of established artists can touch hopeful trainees. It also reminds fans that sometimes, all it takes is a simple push to set someone on the path to their dreams.

Funa | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

The video Funa referred to was likely one of the global audition calls made by ENHYPEN, posted on YouTube and HYBE’s social media accounts. In these videos, the members earnestly urged viewers to seize the opportunity to join the future HYBE girl group. And it seems like their words found their way to the right person— Funa.

The revelation of FUNA’s journey struck a chord with her fellow trainees. As she unfolded the tale of her audition experience, sparked by a single ENHYPEN video, the room was filled with exclamations of awe and surprise. One contestant even exclaimed, “That’s so cool!” It was clear that FUNA’s unique route to becoming a HYBE trainee had not only touched the hearts of the fans but also left a profound impact on her peers.

Funa | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

Funa’s story is not just a tale of how she became an HYBE trainee, but it is a narrative of aspiration, chance, and the immense influence K-Pop idols have on their fans. It may as well be a beacon of hope for all those who dream of following in their idols’ footsteps.

It goes to show that dreams, however big or small, do come true. Sometimes, all it takes is a little push — or in FUNA’s case, an ENHYPEN video.


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