ENHYPEN Reveals Their Favorite Disney Characters, Superheroes, And More

Do you agree with their choices?

In a recent interview with ELLE magazine, the members of ENHYPEN answered a round of rapid-fire questions and revealed some of their favorite things.

| @ENHYPEN/Twitter

Firstly, the members answered their favorite emojis — and you may have seen them use them in their tweets!

  • JUNGWON: ❣️
  • JAY: 😎
  • JAKE: 👍
  • SUNOO: 😚
  • NI-KI: 🤔

Next, they each revealed their favorite superheroes from movies, comic books, and more.

  • JUNGWON: Scarlet Witch
  • HEESEUNG: Dr. Strange
  • JAY: Black Panther
  • JAKE: Thor
  • SUNGHOON: Iron Man
  • SUNOO: Captain America
  • NI-KI: Spider-Man

When asked about their go-to karaoke songs, some showed their inner fanboy love for Justin Bieber while others would sing just about anything.

  • JUNGWON: “Cold Water” – Justin Bieber
  • HEESEUNG: Nothing in particular
  • JAY: Nothing in particular
  • JAKE: Recent hits
  • SUNGHOON: “Boyfriend (Acoustic)” – Justin Bieber
  • SUNOO: Recent hits
  • NI-KI: Ballad

Lastly, the boys each shared their favorite Disney characters!

  • JUNGWON: Olaf
  • HEESEUNG: Baymax
  • JAY: Stitch
  • JAKE: Bolt
  • SUNGHOON: Lightning McQueen
  • SUNOO: Elsa
  • NI-KI: Tarzan
| @ENHYPEN/Twitter

Their answers to each question seem to sum up their personalities perfectly!

| @ENHYPEN/Twitter

Check out their special message to ELLE magazine below.