ENGENEs Call Out “37th Golden Disc Awards” For Allegedly Mistreating ENHYPEN


The 37th Golden Disc Awards recently took place in Bangkok, Thailand, and fans are celebrating their faves wins.  While ENHYPEN won big during the night and put on an amazing performance that fans enjoyed, ENGENEs couldn’t help but notice the mistreatment directed at the group.


ENHYPEN were one of the many groups that attended the GDAs, but also one of two that also participated in the press conference for the event, where they stunned with their IRL visuals.

Fans were initially excited about the ceremony but have issues with several things that happened during the show.

First, ENHYPEN were not interviewed on the red carpet like the other groups. While the MC claimed that it was so they could prepare for their performance, they did not get to introduce themselves either.

Next, the group were not given a chance to do the “Polaroid Love” dance challenge, and two members were just interviewed by the hosts about it instead.

Fans also did not like that ENHYPEN accepted their award while the artists’ area was completely empty. Other artists that won awards were given standing ovations from their peers that were there.

Finally, fans say the camerawork during ENHYPEN’s stage was not well done, despite the group putting on an amazing performance.

Fans began to trend #GDARespectENHYPEN on Twitter as a way to express their frustrations with the way the group were treated.

Edited slightly for clarity about fans’ reactions.


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