ENHYPEN Celebrates First Ever Win On “The Show”


ENHYPEN has won their very first music show trophy for “Drunk-Dazed!”

On the May 4 episode of The Show, the candidates for first place were ENHYPEN’s “Drunk-Dazed,” AB6IX’s “CLOSE,” and ONF’s “Ugly Dance.” After much anticipation, it was revealed that ENHYPEN took the win with 6,790 points! This made it their first music show win since their debut in November 2020!


Of course, the boys’ first instinct was to shout ENGENEs name! They all thanked their fans for their love and support in taking them to their first win. Many of the members took to Twitter, and surely soon, all of them will have posted! Here’s what they have to say:

Leader Jungwon: “ENGENE, thank you so so much… It seems like we’re always saying ‘thank you.’ This is a priceless 1st place!! With as much as you give us, we will work hard just as much! Please keep taking care of us, ENGENE. I’m so happy I don’t think I can sleep…”

Sunoo: “ENGENEs~ I’ve never really received an award since birth but today, thanks to ENGENEs, I received an award and it became a very happy day. I hope there will gradually be more and more memorable moments with ENGENE in the future! Goodnight!”

Sunghoon: “ENGENEs! Thank you so so much for our first win today on The Show!! Thanks to all of ENGENE’s support we were able to become number 1! We will work even harder to repay all of ENGENEs’ support in the future! I love you~”

ENHYPEN: “ENGENEs!!! Today is ENHYPEN’s first!! Thank you so much for joining us in winning number 1 together on the music broadcast. Today’s reward is 100% created by ENGENEs. We will work even harder in the future to become a cooler ENHYPEN that will show more wonderful versions of us and make ENGENEs feel confident. We love you!”


Congratulations to ENHYPEN! Check out their performances below!

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