ENHYPEN Are Going Viral For Turning The Streets Of Milan Into A Catwalk — Before The Prada Event Even Happens

The Prada event hadn’t even happened, but the members were the main event!

The members of ENHYPEN are going viral after a video was shared of the members on the streets of Milan.

The members of ENHYPEN | @ENHYPEN/Twitter

On September 19, ENHYPEN left Korea to go to Milan ahead of Prada‘s fashion week show. As expected, the idols shone with their visuals and aura when greeting fans and the media.

The members even teased fans as the show got closer.

Yet, it seems like ahead of the Prada show, the members spent some time out and about in Milan, and it wouldn’t have been complete without a trip to the city’s Prada shop.

In one video gaining attention, the members looked like true models as they made their way to the store surrounded by fans. Although there were large crowds, the members greeted those around them but also looked like models with their sophisticated outfits and mature aura.

As they got closer to the store and the crowds got larger, the members still seemed cool, calm, and collected.

Each time the clip was shared, whether it was on Twitter or TikTok, it had hundreds of thousands of views. In the comments, netizens couldn’t get over how close the members were especially the fact that Jungwon seemed to recognize the OP.


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♬ Bite Me – ENHYPEN

In photos from their time in the Prada shop, it seemed like something out of a K-Drama as the idols showcased their visuals and aura… that suits the designer brand perfectly.

ENHYPEN haven’t even attended the actual Milan show for Prada, but they’re already making a huge impact and taking to the streets like models. At the show, everyone should be grateful that ENHYPEN chose to be idols because they could easily be on the catwalk.

Source: jakeilmaranza/TikTok

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